Is investing in a food truck a good idea?

The mobile kitchen has become a fashion, which will not be temporary. Receiving gourmet dishes from the window of a truck was only seen on the streets of Bangkok and Singapore, then Anglo-Saxon versions began to appear focused on the design of the truck, today all over the world we can see how gastronomy has become a business on wheels and the street takes on a more gourmet sense.

Compared to a traditional restaurant, undertaking in the world of gastronomy with a food truck implies a much smaller investment. If you have set your sights on this type of business, you only have to evaluate the acquisition costs, the kitchen equipment, request the permits and licenses that correspond to the country and consider the expenses of operating personnel. Of course, without forgetting the culinary experience of your guests so that the competition does not overwhelm you over time.

Now, as I have seen, the best food trucks in the world are not limited to offering innovative cuisine. If you are looking to highlight your business, make sure you create an atmosphere where a pleasant atmosphere reigns, which not only shines for the exquisiteness of its dishes, but also highlights the design and the experience that your customers expect to live.

This topic has come to mind, due to some recommendations made by a colleague. I haven’t visited many foodtrucks, but I have found a list of the best in the world that I will definitely take into account when I visit some of those countries.