Space tourism is emerging as an exciting adventure for those seeking unique and luxurious experiences. While currently only a privileged few can afford the millions of dollars required for these trips, it is expected that over time and with technological advancement, costs will decrease, thus democratizing access to space. Companies like Virgin Galactic, led by Richard Branson, are at the forefront of this field. Their spacecraft, V.S.S. Unity, took a crew to the edge of space in July 2021, offering passengers an unparalleled view for a few minutes. In addition to Virgin Galactic, companies like Blue Origin, founded by Jeff Bezos, are also making significant advances in space tourism. With the New Shepard, a suborbital rocket, Blue Origin is bringing the dream of space closer to reality for the general public. Their ongoing advancements and research are paving the way for expanding access to space, offering new opportunities to explore the cosmos. Space tourism is constantly evolving, promising to open the doors of the cosmos to a wider audience in the future. Although currently the cost of these experiences remains limited to most, technological advances and competition in the sector could eventually make space accessible to everyone. However, beyond the numbers, an intriguing