The food industry is changing, and with it, the way we eat. Restaurants for people with dietary restrictions are becoming increasingly popular, and not only among those with allergies or intolerances, but also among those seeking healthy and personalized options. But who is behind this trend? And who are the investors who are betting on these specialized restaurants? According to a Forbes article, the people who are investing in restaurants for people with dietary restrictions are, for the most part, entrepreneurs or businessmen who have experienced first-hand the lack of options in the market, and who have seen the opportunity to invest. in this type of restaurant thanks to the growing demand for healthy food, adjusted to the needs of each person. In this sense, many of these entrepreneurs choose to invest in franchises that focus on providing solutions of this type. One of them is B.Good, which has more than 70 locations around the world and specializes in providing food that meets the dietary needs of the population. Another example is Freshii, a restaurant chain that offers customized, vegan and gluten-free menu options. It should be noted that independent restaurants are also experiencing great success concerning this issue. For example, in the United