Surely you are not the only one who has wondered what sargassum is, what causes it and how hotels and establishments fight against this plague that destroys the attractiveness of their beaches. On this occasion, I will talk to you precisely about it. Sargassum is a type of seaweed that floats on the surface of the oceans and is affecting the hotel industry and coastal ecosystems in Latin America and the Caribbean. According to Alejandro Olivera, representative of the Center for Biological Diversity of Mexico, the main causes of their proliferation are climate change and ocean pollution, which have increased the levels of nutrients and the temperature of ocean water, and have caused changes in the direction of the marine currents that carry the sargassum to the coasts. Despite the problems it causes, some companies and individuals are developing sustainable solutions to combat the presence of sargassum. For example, in Jamaica, a group of young entrepreneurs created the company Awganic Inputs to use sargassum for animal feed, while in Mexico, a group of students developed the "ËcoArte con Sargasso'' project to recycle sargassum and create biodegradable products. , such as ecological pots. These initiatives not only help combat the sargassum problem, but also