In the vast world of gastronomy, where flavors intertwine with experiences and opportunities, a challenging panorama emerges. From the influence of new policies to changing trends in consumption and the effects of climate change, enthusiasts in this sector must do more than just be prepared; they must adapt to consider new innovations that allow them to thrive amid constantly evolving challenges. Impact of Healthy Taxes and Single-Use Plastic In some countries, rather than merely requesting, the implementation of measures to promote sustainability, such as regulation on single-use plastic, has been demanded. This has led to a series of financial adjustments in the gastronomic sector, especially in countries like Colombia. Although these measures aim to promote more environmentally friendly practices, the reality is that even the smallest changes can have a significant impact on the operating costs of establishments. Faced with this panorama, entrepreneurs face the challenge of balancing the adoption of these measures with profitability, while also maintaining attractive prices for consumers. It is essential to develop strategies that allow compliance with regulations for a greener future, without compromising the economic viability of businesses. The Rise of Conscious Eating The current consumer trend has undergone a significant change, and the gastronomic sector is no