The passion for food and the delight in tasting and knowing the different flavors, smells and textures that foreign gastronomy offers, is gaining more and more strength within the reasons that drive travelers to undertake their trips to unknown destinations. Let's learn a little more about this new tourist trend: gastro tourism and the most attractive destinations to savor in 2023. Gastro Tourism, as its name explains, is that type of tourism that is carried out to get to know and taste the gastronomy of a certain country. Thanks to streaming platforms and the contents of influencers or travel influencers, tourists are enthusiastic about doing this type of tourism where the main guide is food. According to an article published by Civitatis magazine, these are the main destinations that lead the ranking of the 10 best gastronomic destinations in the world. Discover the main most attractive destinations and fall in love with its gastronomy. Italy. It is not necessary to explain much the reasons why Italy continues to be the top destination that stands out for its gastronomy. Beyond being the epicenter of pasta and pizza, Italian gastronomy is very varied and its international recognition is also characterized by the essence of its aromas