Although the economic landscape has been uncertain, the luxury goods and experiences industry has made significant progress in 2022, with further expansion expected in the coming years despite economic turbulence. These findings come from the 21st edition of the Bain & Company-Altagamma Luxury Study, a collaboration between Bain & Company and Fondazione Altagamma, the trade association of Italian luxury goods manufacturers. The global luxury market analyzed by Bain & Company encompasses both luxury goods and experiences. It comprises nine segments, led by luxury cars, luxury hospitality, and personal luxury goods, which together account for over 80% of the total market. After a severe contraction in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the market rebounded to €1.15 trillion in 2021 and surprised everyone in 2022 by growing between 19% and 21%, according to estimates. With this solid database and projections, let's now explore the main gastronomic trends that are shaping the luxury sector. From a focus on vegan products to the appreciation of rare and exotic ingredients, we will discover how these latest trends are captivating the most discerning palates and transforming the culinary experience in the world of luxury. The Vegan Revolution in Fine Dining In response to growing environmental awareness and concern for