Social Entrepreneurs: Inspiring Stories of Ventures Generating a Positive Impact on Society

In a world full of social and environmental challenges, there is a special group of brave and visionary individuals who are changing the business game. These are the social entrepreneurs, passionate people who use their leadership skills to tackle urgent issues and generate a positive impact on society.

Their inspiring stories invite us to dream big and show us that it is possible to combine business with a higher purpose. Join me as I share some of these stories, which, regardless of the passage of time, are among the best ones in my opinion.


In 2007, Sam Goldman and Ned Tozun founded d.light with a clear goal in mind: to provide accessible and sustainable energy to electricity-deprived communities worldwide. Through the manufacturing and distribution of affordable solar lamps, they have illuminated the homes of millions of people, reducing dependence on dangerous and costly lighting sources like kerosene lamps. Thanks to the work of d.light, the quality of life has improved in numerous communities across more than 60 countries.

Grameen Bank

Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, founded Grameen Bank in Bangladesh with the aim of combating poverty through the provision of microcredit. Yunus’ innovative approach has enabled low-income individuals to access financing for starting small businesses and lifting themselves out of poverty. Since its establishment in 1976, Grameen Bank has helped millions of people improve their living conditions and has demonstrated the power of microcredit as an effective tool for generating social change.

Proximity Designs

In Myanmar, Debbie Aung Din and Jim Taylor founded Proximity Designs with the goal of addressing agricultural challenges and improving the lives of local farmers. Through the design and manufacturing of innovative and affordable agricultural tools and equipment, Proximity Designs has helped increase farmers’ productivity, improve their incomes, and promote food security in the region.

The truth is that over time, we have witnessed a great flourishing of new social projects or ventures led by passionate individuals who have a strong interest in promoting social change. These entrepreneurs have emerged in various fields and have tackled a wide range of challenges, leaving a significant mark on their respective communities.