In the dynamic world of gastronomy, I am pleased to announce with great enthusiasm the arrival of the third edition of the Creative Cooking Diploma 2023, a project that goes beyond teaching and becomes a catalyst for opportunities for Dominican youth. This program, born as a vision to empower young enthusiasts of gastronomy, has become a platform to discover and nurture local talent. By supporting this diploma, my goal is to provide these young individuals not only with advanced culinary skills, but also to open doors to a future where their creativity can shine on the world gastronomic stage. The initiative to send the most outstanding student to the prestigious Basque Culinary Center in Spain continues, offering a unique experience that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. This year, as in previous editions, we seek to highlight innovation, passion, and a commitment to excellence in the kitchen. I hope that this diploma serves as a springboard to new horizons, new connections, and, above all, to the flourishing of Dominican talent on the international stage. By continuing to support initiatives like this, we contribute not only to the individual development of participants but also to the enrichment of the rich Dominican culinary heritage. Welcome to the