The Christmas Travel Experiences That Travelers Seek

In the dynamic travel industry, trends constantly shift and evolve. According to Airbnb, the most sought-after destinations for this year-end holiday season offer a fascinating insight into the preferences of Latin American and global travelers alike. From tropical getaways to urban explorations, let’s delve into some of the standout trends.

Dreamy destinations: from Osaka to Rio de Janeiro

This winter, travelers’ attention is drawn to dreamy destinations in Asia-Pacific and South America. Cities like Osaka, Japan, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are capturing the interest of those seeking unique experiences. The easing of restrictions in Japan has put Osaka on the map, while Rio de Janeiro continues to shine as a South American gem.

Moreover, the variety of destinations such as Hanover, Germany, and Muang Pattaya, Thailand, highlights the diversity of modern travelers’ preferences. This phenomenon reflects the growing openness to explore unconventional destinations and immerse oneself in new cultures.

Families on the move: Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, and more

This year, adventurous families are ready to explore from the vibrant streets of Tokyo to the sunny beaches of the Bahamas. Destinations like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in Brazil, along with Crucecita in Mexico, have captured the attention of those seeking both cultural experiences and relaxed beach moments. Airbnb has proven to be an invaluable resource for families, offering options tailored to each type of family unit.

Exploring the region: Intra-Latin American journeys

Latin American travelers are seeking gems within the region, opting to explore from Punta del Este in Uruguay to Florianópolis in Brazil. Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Mexico City, and other local destinations emerge as appealing options for those who want to discover the richness and diversity of experiences without leaving the region.

Most demanded Airbnb categories: from relaxation to adventure

Accommodation preferences reflect the search for unique experiences. The most booked categories include “Incredible Pools,” ideal for those looking to relax by the water. The beach, tropical settings, national parks, and iconic cities also hold a prominent place.

In summary, the Christmas travel trends of 2023 reveal an exciting and dynamic landscape. Travelers are eager to explore new horizons, whether in globally trending destinations or by immersing themselves in the wonders of their own region. Airbnb continues to be a key ally, connecting travelers with experiences that go beyond the conventional.


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