3 trends in gastronomy that we will see in 2022

Over time we have been part of the great advances in technology. It has also happened with the gastronomic sector, and in what way! The importance that this universe of gastronomy has gained has definitely been on a large scale.

In this digital age, we are living in times in which taking care of health has once again become a priority for society. The number of people who have opted for healthier nutrition is no longer surprising, and the truth is, I believe that this has been one of the best initiatives that this generation has given us.

Among the gastronomic trends for the year 2022 we can highlight the following:

  • Food to prepare at home. The confinement that the pandemic produced, added to the excessive hygiene care that we began to adopt to take care of our health, brought the restaurants home, and with this I mean it literally. The audience that arose in recipe blogs led the gastronomic sector to induce more food preparation at home, which is why the culinary world was not limited to just providing totally ready products, but to vary the dynamics and design your own products to prepare and enjoy at home.
  • Delivery boom. Undoubtedly, delivery is a service that has had great growth in recent years, this is due to the change in consumer habits and other factors such as the arrival of the Covid-19 virus that allowed most people would agree to order food without leaving their homes, even today you can order it from home to the supermarket, this is convincing proof of how this has evolved.
  • Digital gastronomy. You’d better not forget your mobile when you visit a restaurant, you may not be able to see the menu. Currently, the menu is a QR code that can even direct you to personalized recommendations based on order history. On the other hand, digital gastronomy is also present with hidden kitchens or “ghost kitchens”, which are kitchens specialized in preparing food for home delivery.In short, every year new trends emerge in the gastronomy sector and reinvention does not stagnate. The passion for gastronomy remains active and new topics will continue to emerge, such as the birth of NFTs, conscious travel, among others that continue to make their way to reach their peak.