Airbnb vs la industria hotelera

Today we can see how platforms such as Airbnb have taken center stage worldwide when it comes to vacations, leaving behind conventional tourism such as hotel stays, is it a matter of price or service or technology?

 As a starting point, Airbnb is a company that through a digital platform offers a new method of both private and tourist accommodation. Although this company emerged in 2007, it took 11 years before it became more relevant. Today, Airbnb is present around the world in more than 220 countries and more than four million international hosts.

Today, tourist and professional trips are completely different from previous years, since there is no longer the need to stay in a hotel necessarily, thanks to platforms like Airbnb we can plan a trip to any destination from start to finish adjusting to our needs and of course to our budget. 

But what is the difference about Airbnb compared to the hotel industry? Without a doubt, the hotel industry is one of the most important sectors in terms of hospitality. Also, within the hospitality industry there are different types of accommodations such as hotels, motels, resorts, vacation homes among others, each serving a different need.

Between Airbnb and the hotel industry there are notable differences in scope. Likewise, both offer different methods of lodging and as I mentioned before they are targeted to a specific audience. The Airbnb user is looking for a unique experience and usually at a low cost, which is one of the advantages that this platform offers. Likewise, in addition to vacationing, the user can make his or her property available and receive income from it.

According to a recent World Travel Market report, among British consumers who plan to enjoy their vacations abroad this 2022, 31% plan to book a flight + hotel package tour and only 8% will look for accommodation through platforms such as Airbnb.

Finally, despite the large participation that Airbnb has today, this has not been an obstacle for the hotel industry, they have been able to adapt to the new times by offering prices, services, in itself a different and competent experience. Personally, I am in favor that each area has its audience and there is room for everyone.