Business trends post COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, 2020 represented a year full of challenges for the entire world. The uncertainty that brought this situation of emergency not only left consequences at a global level in the economic aspect and in an  indefinite confinement, but also caused a massive loss of jobs and the reduction of the financial income of companies, from the smallest (microenterprises) to the largest (multinational).

During this time, many companies and businesses closed their doors. However, it is clear that it has been a year of reinventing ourselves, adapting to a new normal of making business, identifying new entrepreneurial opportunities and new innovative trends that have changed the course of many business models that lead the world.

I want to mention 4 trends that I consider came to stay with us for a long time and change business models that were inactive in the market:

  1. Online sales

Businesses that offer products and even services that were previously considered first-hand experiences are entering the digital market, the migration of businesses and large companies and the evolution of the  digital platforms that we use on a daily basis, allow us to purchase or request any product or service from our mobile devices or computer.

Before, the experience of going to a restaurant excited us for getting out of the routine, today the gastronomic sector is constantly reinventing itself to offer its customers an experience both in the premises and in their homes.

With the social media updates and E-commerce platforms, our favorite stores both local and international  are just a click away from us. As well, we are able to receive sports training from our cell phone, we access our bank, health insurance, rental services, among other needs. Clearly the list of possibilities goes on and on..

  1. Home service

The pandemic pushed those businesses that were still accommodated to traditional models to think more about the demands and needs of the client in this new normal. Today, a service that can arrive at your doorstep is a successful service.

For example, supermarkets send your shopping list directly to your door or hairdressing, veterinary, car wash services that have followed the trends of adapting to a consumer who has settled into their home.

The opportunity for reinvention not only comes for businesses, it is also a good time to start and create businesses in this sector or related to it, with which to offer delivery services, as well as the products that are needed to make a delivery. satisfactory such as packaging.

  1. The era of video and webinars.

We find ourselves in the need to constantly connect with the people around us and like-minded communities. But also, teleworking brought us a new scenario in which companies are forced to digital communication. On the other hand, today we consume much more audiovisual content. In this industry there are infinite possibilities to create platforms to communicate digitally, offer advice, consultancies, trainings, and the drop service trend is ideal to promote this type of online services.

  1. Financial investments

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it is that our finances must be organized and prepared for the least expected situations. The confinement and the massive loss of employment brought very difficult financial situations that reminded us that all eggs should not be placed in one basket.

Today I can say that as a society we are more aware of the importance of our finances and the investment boom in 2020 brought with it a great thirst for financial education. Investing is one of the most accessible possibilities that can generate benefits for us in the medium and long term. I’m not just talking about financial or stock investments, there are people who prefer to invest in the real estate sector, the health sector, the tourism sector, which was severely hit by the cessation of operations and today all energy is focused on reactivating its productive capacity. No matter what your niche is, investing is a decision that you should not forget in the aftermath.

It is true that we are all anxious to close this chapter, but the great lesson that 2020 left us has been to be creatively active in order to fully understand the challenges that arise. Today, only those who quickly adapt to changes and at the same time understand the importance of innovation to keep the business alive.