Celebrities investing in restaurants

The term restoration refers to businesses dedicated to the preparation of food and beverages prepared for consumption. Including different types of businesses such as restaurants, eating houses, cafeterias, bars, inns, wine bars and wineries. Times have changed and with it the world of restoration which presents numerous changes with new lines of business.

Actors, comedians, athletes, singers and businessmen have followed the example of Hollywood stars such as Bruce Willis and Nicole Kidman to invest in the catering sector by opening restaurants or bars, hand in hand with renowned chefs and expert restaurateurs. Among these we can mention:

Bertín Osborne:

The presenter of My house is yours, has an establishment in Zaragoza called La casa de Bertín run by chef Jesús Lobato, who has become famous for using the freshest and most seasonal products.


Joaquín Sabina:

It has Mexican food stores in Madrid, a chain called La Mordida where quesadillas, gringas, chicken flautas, enchiladas, carnitas or kahlúa cake are served.


Shakira y Piqué:

Blue Spot has opened in the attic of the Ocean building in Barcelona, ​​with very Mediterranean dishes, such as prawn niguiri, cold crab soup with a touch of smoke, crab burger with sesame, chili and lime or cockles firewood.

Enrique Iglesias, Pau Gasol y Rafael Nadal:

For years, Tatel, in Madrid, has promoted with revised traditional proposals, such as grilled octopus, veal milanese, Madrid-style tripe, baked fideuá or its original rice pudding.

Fele Martínez y Paco León:

They have Creperie La Rue, where both sweet and savory crepes prevail. La Rayúa, by Fernando Verdasco, has one of the most groundbreaking preparations, such as cooked pizza.

Robert De Niro:

One of the Hollywood celebrities most eager to invest in the hospitality sector. As co-owner of Nobu Hospitality and Nobu Restaurants, with celebrity chef Nobuyuki (Nobu) Matsuhisa and others, de Niro has invested in more than 30 restaurants and multiple hotels around the world.

Jon Bon Jovi:

In addition to the hotel business, Jon has invested in the Soul Kitchen restaurant belonging to his foundation. A unique restaurant, where you pay what you want, offers meals prepared by famous chefs and what is even more interesting is that the dishes do not have a fixed price, but voluntary contributions. In addition, in Soul Kitchen, customers with economic needs have preference.

Investing in the world of restoration is a fascinating project!!!