Cultural tourism and ecotourism, the investment of the future?

Although it sounds repetitive to talk about the “new normality”, the hospitality sector is still going through transformation processes that lead to focus even more on the needs of the client and the local economy. Sanitary restrictions have opened our minds to enjoy rural and natural environments to vacation and at the same time, support the economic development of remote towns and locations.

According to the survey carried out in 2022 by the Barceló Hotel Group, among the experiences that Spaniards would most like to enjoy during their trip, 35% want to discover cultural heritage, visit museums and places of interest. 25% long to spend the day on the beach, enjoying the sun and good weather, while another 25% prefer to discover and enjoy the local cuisine.

In general, your clients are now looking to explore more open spaces, away from crowds and culturally rich. What we call Ecotourism and Cultural Tourism. This awareness of nature promotes responsible actions through the application of various sustainability principles, such as the minimization of negative environmental impacts and the construction of positive experiences for both locals and visitors.

Therefore, companies cannot be left behind, the effort must be focused on adapting to the guidelines that their potential customers want. Colliers International stated in a report that in Latin America, more than 40% of the industry’s investments are being allocated to constructions that have to do with eco-hotel and boutique models.

In addition, according to the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (UN), ecological tourism is key to the fight against poverty, the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development. Given its positive effects on income generation, job creation and education, the organization invites member states to adopt policies that promote ecotourism.

In this sense, it is not unreasonable to think of ecological tourism as a trend worth investing in. Vacations will be more and more friendly with nature and, incidentally, will contribute in a positive way to face some social problems of small towns. If you want a recommendation, think of the Caribbean for your next getaway. Being between the joy, the gastronomy and the beautiful landscapes you will feel as if you belong there.