Digital transformation the future of restaurants

Digital transformation the future of restaurants

The conversation around the food and beverage industry is constantly growing. In the first quarter of 2022, there has been a 19% increase in online conversations about dining out, restaurants, bars, food and drink compared to the previous period.

Foodies are keen to explore new and not-so-new restaurants as the economy recovers. Although innovation represents a key element for the future of the sector and is being so in the present, the restaurant market is experiencing a moment of transformation and digitization, which requires professional investment that allows the creation of solid and high-quality companies. potential.

I consider that the NÜA Smart Restaurant is a great example, and it is the first smart restaurant in Europe in Spain, decorated with futuristic lights, LED screens and interactive touch screen tables, applying technology as an ally with a different concept and innovation.

Also, the future is coming to the restaurant market, the digital transformation has changed the actions of the restaurant market. The sector has developed the ability to reinvent itself, using technological tools in its digital actions, in offering personalization and differential experience to customers, sales opportunities and streamlining the purchase process, helping businesses to be more efficient, attractive, profitable and sustainable.

The path to digital transformation is impressive!