Interview with the Winner of the 3rd Edition of the Culinary Diploma

After exploring with you the conclusion of the fourth edition of the Creative Cooking Diploma, where young Dominicans dedicated their effort and determination to stand out in the competition, it is a privilege to present the interview with the winner, Kathy Rosario. Not only does she stand out as the first woman to emerge victorious in this competition, but she also serves as a tangible example of perseverance in the pursuit of professional goals.

Kathy, as she herself emphasizes, did not experience her first foray into the competition, but her second, and despite the challenges, she persisted in her pursuit of progress in her professional career. In this vein, it is an honor to share the exclusive conversation with the recent diploma winner:

Good morning, my name is Kathy Paola Rosario Gil, and I’m from Pimentel, a province belonging to the San Francisco de Macorís region.

What led you to participate in the Creative Cooking Diploma, and how do you feel about being selected as the winner?

Kathy Rosario: The first thing that motivated me to participate in this competition was the desire to grow, surpass myself, and demonstrate that a woman can do it, even on her own. Last year, I participated, but I didn’t make it, I didn’t achieve it, so I decided to prepare myself to face the challenge this year and ensure that I wouldn’t be left out.

What advice would you share with other culinary enthusiasts looking to explore their culinary creativity?

“One should never give up when passionate about something.”

Kathy Rosario: You should keep going, and you’ll see that giving up is never an option. If I had given up last year, I would be in a different place, but instead, I started my technical training in gastronomy, which I’m almost finishing, and I prepared myself constantly. Now, look where I am.

Kathy, with her determination and resilience, shows us that adversities can turn into steps toward triumph. Her experience is an example that the path to success is paved with effort, constant learning, and a strong belief in oneself. May her victory inspire every culinary enthusiast to continue exploring their creativity without fear of challenges, knowing that perseverance always reaps rewards.