Is it a good time to invest in the hotel sector?

The hotel sector has recovered after being interrupted by hotel investments because of the impact of the Covid-19 and its respective restrictions imposed, investors globally have shown a strong precipitated interest in the hotel industry.

Investors are reinventing themselves in conjunction with consumer preferences and demands towards responsible consumption, focusing their actions on socially responsible investments. This type of investment is more attractive to investors looking for properties according to the characteristics and requirements of the market.

According to the Colliers International report, in the first three months of 2022, hotel investment closed with a total volume of 1,520 million euros, a surprising figure that exceeds that recorded in recent years, a total of 52 operations with the purchase of existing hotels, land for the development of the same and to be converted to hotels.

Evidencing the recovery of the hotel sector, the pandemic has generated opportunities in adding value to assets, to give hotels the opportunity to adapt actions to the changes and behaviors of consumers with the challenge of keeping up with new trends and technologies, in my opinion it is ideal to invest in the hotel sector.

Certainly, the future of hotel investment lies in socially responsible investments.