Is TikTok a new tool in the recovery of the tourism industry?

After more than a year of the beginning of a new “era” after the pandemic caused by Covid-19, the tourism sector has recorded with impressive results. Its growth after the reopening of businesses after the pandemic is undoubtedly notorious, but who is responsible for this growth?

Social networks play an important role in this evolution. During confinement, one of the social networks that grew exponentially was TikTok, and on this platform, in addition to being able to find entertainment content, there is informational and educational content.

TikTok as a new tool in the recovery of the tourism sector

The advantage of TikTok, unlike other social networks, is the ease with which a video can get huge reach. According to the TikTok portal, in July 2021 the trends on its platform were around # hashtags, especially those linked to tourism and travel. Among the most prominent and viral hashtags is #Travel with more than 43.7 billion views and #Holidays with more than 29 million views.

Users who create and those who consume these types of content often share reviews and/or tours of the places they visit, such as restaurants and hotels. These are made organically, so they tend to have more credibility with consumers. That said, what are you waiting for to generate content for your business?