Luxury and sustainable hotels that will open their doors in summer

A few years ago there was no talk of luxury and sustainability in the tourism sector in the same conversation, in fact, there was hardly any talk of sustainability. Now, it is more and more common to find these terms as relevant criteria in the business models of hotel projects. Travelers have added finding “green hotels” to their list of priorities when choosing their destination.

According to a survey of 81% of the traveling community that expects the industry to offer more sustainable options and focuses on five key areas: waste, energy and support for local communities, above all by protecting nature. From biodegradable materials, chlorine-free swimming pools and renewable energy sources, and its beautiful ecological infrastructures! Many hotels are undergoing a process of transformation towards a more environmentally friendly behavior without forgetting exclusivity and luxury.

Here is a tour of the trendsetters for this season.

Soneva Kiri Koh Kood, Thailand

It is one of the best examples of eco-luxury in the traveling reality that is committed to the planet. Soneva Kiri, is one of the favorite haunts of countless royal families, actors and rock stars, the entire complex, even with all its extremely picturesque beauty, is also self-sufficient when it comes to water, every drop needed for the complex is obtained from rainwater and its underground wells. The hotel promotes the care of the local environment, as well as providing experiences to teach about the cultivation of tropical fruits, some secrets of beekeeping and the production of honey.

South Beach, Group 1 Hotel, Miami, New York, Brooklyn

Style and sophistication that permeate the unique climate of one of the most cosmopolitan beach styles in the world. Concierge services, needs from the rooms and room services can be consulted in the hotel app guide. initiative that promotes the almost complete elimination of paper printing.

They have courtesy bottles of water that are 58% paper and 27% plants, in each room there are taps with filters that make it suitable for human consumption. Green in its architecture with living walls and ceilings that repel the sun’s heat, allowing energy consumption to be reduced.

North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, Seychelles

North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort, is one of the most enchanting luxury spaces in the world and considers the conservation of its impressive natural surroundings as its highest priority. An intimate resort with just 11 spacious villas, North Island offers everything you would expect from a luxury resort on an island paradise, with perfect white sand beaches, endless water sports, activities, impeccable service and excellent meals.

She gets all the praise for the work she is doing to help the island’s native flora and fauna, which has seen a number of bird species return to the island while hawksbill and green sea turtles nest again on the beaches of the island.

Sustainability, the new mantra of luxury companies. – Matteo Capellini