NFT as a new business models

A little while ago I didn’t know what they were about and now it’s the only thing that is talked about. NFT’s have gone from being a talking point exclusive to the world of art and collecting, but these digital assets have found a place in restoration. VCR Group , a company dedicated to creating concepts, culinary experiences and food products in physical and digital spaces, announced that next year it will open the FlyFish Club , the world’s first NFT restaurant.

The FlyFish Club is a seafood-inspired concept founded by serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk and restaurateurs David Rodolitz, Founding Partner and CEO of Empellon Restaurant Group, Culinary Director Josh Capon of Lure Fishbar and Executive Vice President of Operations Conor Hanlon. This group of visionaries impresses in many ways. The innovative restaurant will be 10,000 square feet in an iconic New York City location.

If you are wondering how you can access, then the answer is in the blockchain. Yes, to obtain a membership you must buy with non-fungible tokens, and the best thing is that being an owner can generate new business opportunities in a short time. If you have any doubts, I can tell you that according to the Cointelegraph Research report, NFTs are currently a business that leaves an economic footprint of more than $17.7 billion dollars worldwide.

Which brings me to the two big factors that caught my attention from the Non Fungible world. The first thing is the benefit as a member of renting your token monthly to other people, with leasing, turning each token into a kind of semi-liquid asset that would allow you to obtain recurring income in the short term. In other words, if you buy a Flyfish token to say something for $3,000 and rent it to your colleagues who are passionate about gastronomy for $800, you would be making an investment with interesting long-term potential.

Second, apart from the progressive aspect that surrounds the gastronomic club, I found the minimized risk involved in bringing this new business model to life interesting. This line of financing allows creators to obtain the money to invest without having to take a penny out of their pocket, giving rise to a revolution in the world of restoration.

As David Rodolitz, co-founder and CEO of VCR Group mentioned, “FlyFish Club creates a whole new revenue model, it gives people control and ownership over something that has never been done before in a kind of private club and I think it allows us to add more value to everyone involved in our system. Our financial situation will be healthier, so our projects will be more sustainable and scalable over time.”

I say goodbye with the most recent sales data , Flyfish Club NFT was sold 33 times in the last 7 days. Total Flyfish Club sales volume was $468.59k. The average price of a Flyfish Club NFT was $14.2k (started at $7,900). Currently, there are 1,306 Flyfish Club owners, holding a total supply of 3,035 tokens.

The future reached us, do you dare to be part of it?