Outstanding crowdfunding platforms in the real estate sector

There is no doubt that the way of doing business and the trends to make the most of our money åhave changed in recent years. One of these instruments is crowdfunding, which can give access to a profitable market and in which you can participate with different levels of investment, depending on your appetite.

There are rankings on platforms linked to the real estate sector that can help boost assets and generate profitable incomes through this method of raising capital. One of them includes Estateguru, its origin is from Estonian and has more than 100,000 investors, it’s a leader in financing and real estate investment. Among the benefits that this platform offers is the ease of access that investors have to a variety of real estate investments with relatively minimal capital, since the minimum amount to start investing is €50 euros. It has access to the real estate market in different European countries, and its historical rate of failed investments is practically null. They have a very limited risk thanks to mortgage guarantees.

On the other hand, StockCrowdIN, some users highlight that it’s one of the most complete platforms. It’s authorized by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) and has real estate developers of great renown in Spain. It also offers all kinds of real estate projects: offices, residential and hotels.

The options are numerous, so it’s always advisable to check which of them is related to the type of project that may interest you.