Restaurants in New York with Michelin stars

Since 1936, restaurants with Michelin stars have been recognized, qualifying them in three pillars, these being quality, creativity and delicacy in the dishes served. Since the very beginning, Michelin has been creating the renowned “Michelin Guide”, which consists of a gastronomic review in order to recommend places with the best culinary references. Today, I recommend the outstanding restaurants located in New York with Michelin stars that you should definitely visit on your next trip.

Without a doubt, not every restaurant gets a Michelin star… and a lot less three. If you are a wine lover you cannot miss out on visiting Chef’s Table located in Brooklyn Fare it has three Michelin stars, owned by the outstanding chef César Ramírez, in fact it is the only restaurant in the area that has obtained three stars. The approximate price to taste their menu is $430 us per person. Chef’s Table is characterized by its distinctive wines, receiving awards for its extensive and careful cellar.

This restaurant has the particularity that you cannot take photos or video according to chef Ramírez, it is with the intention “so that diners concentrate on one thing: eating.”

On this adventure I can’t neglect to mention Blue Hill located in Stone Barns, by chef Dan Barber, this restaurant has two Michelin stars. It should be noted that this is the first restaurant to receive a Green Michelin star in 2021, being recognized for its commitment to sustainable gastronomy and the environment. Blue Hill is characterized by its fresh and local products, maintaining a close collaboration with local producers such as farmers and fishermen.

As Confucius said “knowing how to eat is knowing how to live”, you already know that for your next trip to the city that never sleeps you should prepare your pocket and stomach to taste good gastronomy.