The hall of fame & the hospitality industry

Major celebrities are being drawn to investment in the luxury hotel industry. They are known to have a fabulous lifestyle, mansions, jewelry and more. All of this also brings an entrepreneur mindset to the table to shoot to winning investment fields. This is not recent news of course, we saw Robert De Niro turn co-owner of Nobu Hospitality and Nobu Restaurants, with well known chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa and movie producer Meir Teper. Also We have Leonardo Dicaprio, leading the Blackadore Caye, his own place in the Blackadore Caye located in Belize, Central America.
Even though celebrities investing in the accommodation industry is not top of mind in current topics. It hasn’t stopped as a trend. Few months ago I read the Dominican Today blog, focused on important projects in Miches with billions of dollars in investments. Shakira, Jay Z and Vin Diesel are some of the names found in the investment to build new exotic places in the Dominican Republic.
All these investment moves are not exclusive for the Hollywood or music industry figures. Sport players are not only standing out in a hall of fame. Tennis star Rafael Nadal made a 14 millions Euros investment in two hotels in Cozumel, center of the Mexican Caribbean, alongside Julen Lopetegui, ex coach of the spanish soccer club Real Madrid, currently leading Sevilla FC. These two are definitely going for more, their love for the Mexican Caribbean has them planning the launching of a new resort in Tulum.
Secrets Aura and Sunscape Sabor are others of Nadal’s big real estate investments. The tennis player also participates in the gastronomy industry, one can’t leave out of topic the successful Tatel, shared with Pau Gasol, Enrique Iglesias and Cristiano Ronaldo.
And since we mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo, a couple years ago the futbol player decided to start his business adventure in the hospitality industry, launching a few complexes in collaboration with Grupo Pestana. At the moment Pestana-CR7 can be found in Lisboa, Madeira, and a couple weeks from now it was released the news of an investment for 13 million for a hotel at the Gran Vía Madrileña. Days before Pestana-CR7 Times Square opened in New York City. The futbol superstar will not stop there, is already on the table the plans to expand his hotel firm to Manchester, Paris and Marrakech in the next couple of months.
Another big one of the futbol leagues that has found success in the hospitality industry is Leo Messi, owner of MiM hotel chain, that until recently had 4 locations managed by Majestic Hotel Group, and now the number 5 was added, is the antique Hotel Casas Canut in Andorra.
Either it is restaurants, hotels, airlines or tourism projects investments by celebrities is a significant help to hospitality. Recent increase of famous investors is an important sign of the future of the industry.