Tourism in 2022

Just when we all thought that the pandemic was nearing its end, we are suffering a rebound of infections with the Omicron variant. This means that the commercial reactivation of different sectors will continue to be unusual. Tourism is one of the most affected sectors and the evidence of it was in 2020 when international tourism was almost completely paralyzed, and the only alternatives were national and local tourism.

While it’s true that 2021 experienced some improvements, it was subtle, as there are still restrictions and many countries keep their borders totally or partially closed. It is difficult for me to estimate where we are going in this new year since it is not known how the pandemic will evolve. However, it is possible to talk about the new tourism trends that I see emerging. 

– International travel with restrictions still maintained by both destinations and airlines in order to provide 100% consumer safety.

– Reinforcement of COVID-19 testing; two years after the pandemic, COVID testing will remain in place as a preventative measure.

– Conscious travel will be recommended. Travel to more distant destinations, but with extended stays, as consumers seek to enjoy as much as possible of each place they visit.

– Green travel. Climate change is a present and growing problem. Consumers are now much more responsible and aware of the reality in which they live on a daily basis.

– A new trend is “ed-ventures”. This is about combining education and vacations for the youngest members of the family. While adults may need to telecommute or attend meetings, their children can be doing workshops and learning in a playful way.