Why do investors love real estate?

The real estate sector has given much to talk about in recent years, becoming one of the most striking sectors for investors, thanks to the characteristics that make it a very tempting opportunity.

From properties that serve as student accommodation to holiday homes have significantly transformed the real estate sector. Among the key factors that have made this sector increasingly rich are:

Investors 2.0 who have decided to diversify their investments, moving away from the traditional sector such as the “build to rent” BTR.

The high demand of consumers together with increasingly sophisticated requirements.

Hospitality Insights highlights that the population today is growing without “sufficient” housing, a situation that may be influencing the high price of homes in the current market. As philanthropist Andrew Carnegie said, “90% of millionaires made their wealth when they started investing in the real estate world”. Although it is true, after the pandemic caused by Covid-19, this sector has grown markedly in developed countries, arousing interest in investors.

Finally, if you are interested in starting to invest in the real estate sector, this is your moment. Many properties and buildings were paralyzed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, so the current housing market is still limited, however, consumer demand continues to increase.