beacons en hoteles

Beacons as a key tool in the hotel sector

Undoubtedly, beacons are a technology created to improve interactions with customers, these are small technological devices that came to revolutionize the retail market. Likewise, it is a technology that can be very beneficial for the hotel sector. However, despite the fact that beacons have been on the market for around 8 years, they are not as widely used by the hotel sector. Today I want to share with you how this can be a marketing strategy, improving the user experience.

It should be noted that the way in which beacons work is through bluetooth signals emitted to devices approximately 50 meters away in a defined location. In the case of hotels, this can be a useful and profitable tool to improve the consumer experience, such as reducing time and at the same time automating the check-in process when the traveler arrives at their destination, where the guest from If you arrive at said facility by means of a notification, you can confirm your reservation and fulfill other requirements.

In the same way, through geographic spaces around the hotel facility, users can learn about points of interest, either places to visit, such as relevant information on the restaurants that they can enjoy both inside and outside the facility. Likewise, it can be a key strategy to promote discounts and/or promotions in key locations of the hotel.

Finally, beacons become a good strategy that can be used in different ways, both for the hotel industry as well as in the entire retail market. Undoubtedly, as we could see, in a hotel there are endless options, which also allow improving customer service and the experience of the traveler’s stay, increasing the possibility that the user recommends and wants to return.