Closing of the Creative Cooking course

For two months, fifteen participants from the eastern region of the Dominican Republic had the opportunity to develop their cooking skills at the Instituto Nacional de Formación Técnico Profesional (INFOTEP) at its Gastronomy and Pastry School located in Higuey. This year I had the honor of seeing another winner for the 2nd edition of the Creative Cooking Course.

An initiative that consisted of a gastronomic training workshop, designed to encourage young people to develop their culinary skills, recently selected a young man from the city of La Romana, Luiyi Antuan. This young man stood out among his peers for his commitment, excellence in attention to detail and the staging of his food. 

Luiyi was awarded a full scholarship to attend a workshop to perfect his culinary techniques at the Basque Culinary Center in Spain, a pioneering academic institution worldwide. Personally, I consider the BCC to be a place where the best chefs in the world pass through. It was very gratifying to hear Luyi telling me that cooking has been a part of his life since he was very young thanks to his father’s food establishments, so the gastronomic talent is in his blood.

The participants of the Creative Cooking workshop were selected through a contest in which they presented different gastronomic proposals to an experienced jury composed of INFOTEP teachers and renowned chefs from the eastern region. 

Being back in a second edition of the Creative Cuisine course has been an experience that fills me with emotion. I can only congratulate all the participants for the commitment and love for gastronomy that they have shown. In this order, I feel completely confident that Luiyi Antuan’s experience in the Basque Country in Spain will be exceptional. I’m very happy to have initiated this project in conjunction with INFOTEP. 

I conclude these lines by extending my gratitude to this institution for its constant support in the development of this initiative. It will be a pleasure to continue supporting the next editions that we hope to be able to carry out in order to reach more young people.