Cocina Creativa 2022

The third edition of Cocina Creativa comes to end, where 20 young talented Dominicans worked to enhance their gastronomic knowledge and skills in alliance with Instituto Nacional de Formación Técnico Profesional (INFOTEP) a (national institute for professional technical training. One of these young talents resulted the winner of a full scholarship to study a workshop improvement of culinary techniques at the Basque Culinary Center school in Spain, an academic institution that stands out in gastronomy worldwide.

Since 2019, Cocina Creativa has been a means of learning at the hands of great professionals and teachers in culinary matters, who guide and encourage  young people to reach the next level in their careers. There were 8 challenging weeks where the participants prepared new dishes, stimulating creativity and experiencing the reality of the gastronomic sector.

For many of these youths, cooking is a way of transmitting their joys, developing their passion and living new experiences. In this edition, the diploma course was characterized by teaching the participants the essential values ​​to achieve success in the gastronomy sector, these being discipline, consistency, perseverance and creativity.

Honestly, it fills me with great pride to see how every year more and more young people are encouraged to pursue their dreams. On December 18, Audry Brito was crowned as 1st place winner of this third edition of the diploma course Cocina Creativa, which has served as a tool and a propitious means for him to have a new academic experience in Europe, the cradle of the gastronomy of the world, where he will improve and perfect his cooking techniques.

Finally, Geral Pío Benitez and José Andrés Peguero Guzmán also won the 2nd and 3rd place prize, which gives them access to internships in 5-star hotels in the Dominican Republic. Congratulations to all, I wish you an excellent future!