Support for the professional development of young gastronomy talents in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic. -The young Elvis Hidalgo obtained first place in the Creative Cooking diploma, an initiative promoted by the National Institute of Professional Technical Training (INFOTEP) and the businessman Danilo Díazgranados. The student will be awarded a scholarship at the outstanding Bosque Culinary Center gastronomy school in Spain.

The Certification in Creative Cooking was a space created for 20 young people from the eastern part of the country who are passionate about local and international gastronomy. The course lasted three months, during this time the students traveled from different provinces to the INFOTEP School of Hospitality, Gastronomy and Pastry, based in Higüey.

In the closing ceremony, the businessman Danilo Díazgranados and the INFOTEP teachers highlighted the performance of all the students and highlighted the most outstanding students. In addition to the 1st place award, students Nicole Carpio and Dahiandry Reyes de Higüey (2nd and 3rd place, respectively) were awarded an internship at a prestigious hotel in Punta Cana.

“We want to begin by thanking Mr. Danilo Díazgranados for contributing to the professional development of young people in the Eastern Region, a cause to which INFOTEP feels committed and which has managed to improve the working conditions of hundreds of people, both from the zone like country. We are very proud to see these students with that great desire to improve themselves and to contribute the best to the Dominican Republic ”,

shared by Mr. Bernardo O. Almonte, Eastern Regional Manager of INFOTEP.

As a follow-up, Díazgranados congratulated all the participants and encouraged them to continue preparing to achieve their goals: “It fills me with emotion to see how these young people commit to their education to achieve their professional goals. Today they are in the kitchens of INFOTEP, but if they continue with that same thirst to learn and improve themselves, tomorrow they may be representing the country in other places, with other cultures ”. In addition, he added that, “institutions like INFOTEP, which guarantee quality technical education, open the doors for more Dominicans to grow professionally and economically. For this reason, I am very pleased to have chosen this space for the development of the Creative Kitchen workshop ”.

On his side, the student Elvis Hidalgo, winner of the first place, thanked the organizers of the course and urged his colleagues to continue polishing their culinary skills:

“Thanks to INFOTEP and Mr. Danilo for having carried out this workshop that allowed us to improve our techniques and expand our gastronomic knowledge. For me it was an honor to share this course with my colleagues, who every week traveled to go after their dreams. That is why I tell you to continue striving, because everyone has the necessary talent to be great chefs ”.

The participants of the Creative Cooking workshop were selected through a contest in which they presented different gastronomic proposals to an experienced qualifying jury. – February 14, 2020