The most outstanding women in the world of gastronomy

Undoubtedly the world of gastronomy has evolved over the years, at first in the culinary art only men stood out and it was those who took all the prominence, honorable mentions and awards every year. Obviously, this has changed, today both men and women are recognized. Regarding women’s month, I liked the idea of ​​making a list of women who have exalted this exciting world of gastronomy.

Without a particular order, I will start with Elena Arzak, who, thanks to her dedication and innovation in the sector, was recognized in 2012 as the best female chef on the planet. Arzak studied hotel management in Switzerland and during his career he toured great kitchens in Europe, such as Le Vivarois in France. It also has three Michelin stars.

On the other hand, there is chef Begoña Rodrigo, also known as “the brave cook”. As a result of her creativity, Begoña was the first winner of the Top Chef Spain edition and in 2014 she was named the best cook in the Valencian community. His culinary art is focused on the products of his land and in 2020 his restaurant La Salita received a Michelin star.

Likewise, another great woman highlighted for her career is Fina Puigdevall, winner of two Michelin stars for her restaurant Les Cols. This stands out because it surprises with its avant-garde interior and the relationship between the spaces and nature. Their dishes stand out for their sustainability (they have their own garden). Likewise, for the creation of very personal recipes, she has the support of her daughters.

Finally, nowadays gastronomy includes both men and women equally, as Carmen Fúnez, president of Mujeres en Igualdad, says “We must invest in equality, the field of gastronomy is a clear example of a job occupied by the majority of women but not as recognized”. As well as these three women, there are numerous chefs who have stood out for their creativity and skills in the kitchen, leaving their mark on the culinary industry.