Top technological innovations for hotels in 2023

The hotel industry is rapidly evolving and with it, the technology. For this new year, major transformations are expected at the technological level that will modify the operation of many sectors, optimizing services and customer experiences. Today, I will talk to you especially about the main technological innovations that the hotel industry will experience this 2023.

As a result of the new technologies that are emerging, it is becoming way more challenging to satisfy the expectations and demands of consumers, due to this, the hotel sector has the responsibility and need to keep up to date with new technological trends and  adapt to them to provide a more personalized experience to customers and not failing on the face of the competition.

In this sense, I will point out some of the main technological trends that the hotel industry offers and that transform the way they provide exclusive experiences to their guests.

Contactless payments. This technological trend is very relevant, as it simplifies the transaction process, making it much more convenient and faster. The hotel industry, like many others, has considerably benefited  from the technology of mobile phones and wearables, enjoying the advantage that customers can make their payments without the need to carry their cards.

Robots for hotels. The use of robots and virtual assistants is one of the most fascinating innovations for hotels. The implementation of this new technology is replacing the usual work and activities of hotel staff, promoting cleaning services, ordering rooms, as well as providing tourist information that improves the productivity and performance of hotels in turn, positively impacting the guest experience.

Chatbots. They are designed to communicate with guests through chat messages and answer their questions immediately (without the need for direct contact with staff).

Metaverse. The metaverse includes all the concepts that power AI (artificial intelligence), such as virtual reality, NFC technology, and blockchain technology.

In conclusion, in 2023 digital trends are expected to emerge and revolutionize the hotel industry. Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to take center stage, making this sector a digital paradise where guests will not want to return to their homes.


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